Day 72 – August 17 – Thunder Bay, ON to Winnipeg, MB

Today was a driving day. We made two quick stops at heritage info signs and other than that it was rest stops and lunch. We left Thunder Bay at 9:30 AM. Along the way we gained an hour, moving from Eastern to Central Time so 12:30 became 11:30 and we had to wait longer before a lunch stop. Haha.

Once we got near Kenora the land flattened out and we started to see more crops.

As we approached Winnipeg we passed acres and acres of sunflowers.

This cloud looks so much like an outstretched hand, there is even a ‘fingernail’ on the ‘thumb’.

We arrived in Winnipeg at 5:15 (6:15 Thunder Bay time) and checked back into the Humphry Hotel where we stayed on our way east. We are here three nights. There are a few things we plan to go see, but we also intend to do a bit of nothing much.

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