Day 73 – August 18 – Winnipeg, MB

I had no plans to do a blog today. We were taking a day off. John had a church meeting via zoom to attend this morning and also had to write something in his role as Fire Department Chaplain for a funeral service he won’t be home to attend. I had laundry to do and a good book to read. We do not go at a fast pace on our road trips, but they do tend to be steady, so we figured a down day was in order.

But I snapped a few photos on our walk home from The Forks after dinner, so thought I would post those.

The Canadian Human Rights Museum.

When we were in Winnipeg on our way east earlier this summer we could see this amazing sculpture from our hotel room. It is set up at The Forks on a two year loan from the artist and we walked right past it on our way back to the hotel tonight.

The sculpture is composed of 1254 bicycles and is dismantled and set up by a special team in each location it visits. The artwork bio says: “Titled Forever Bicycles, the sculpture alludes to the bikes that flooded the streets of China, Ai’s home country, during his childhood. Despite their seeming omnipresence, bicycles remained financially out of reach for many, including Ai’s family.”

There is a large skateboard park at The Forks and on a hill beside the deep trough part is this lovely piece of art.

And that, folks is as exciting as my day went. It was actually nice to just veg. Tomorrow we are out and about again. We have plans to go to the Transcona Museum in the morning and the Costume Museum of Canada in the afternoon.

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