Day 71 – August 16 – Sault St. Marie, ON to Thunder Bay, ON

Today was a long driving day necessitated by the difficulty finding hotel rooms. We checked out of our hotel in The Soo and took a look at the lock before driving out of town. We were on the road to Thunder Bay by 10:30 and checked into our hotel here at 8:30. It is 704 km from Sault St. Marie to Thunder Bay.

The Sault St. Marie lock is a Parks Canada National Historic Site and the red chairs were there so – photo op. These chairs even had the Parks Canada logo on them.

All of the buildings at the lock site, as well as the Superintendent’s Residence (above) were made from red rock quarried when they dug out the canal.

A small section of the long International Bridge between Sault St. Marie, ON and Sault St. Marie, Michigan.

An hour or so after we left Sault St. Marie we pulled off to stretch and take a couple of photos at this pretty spot. We were passing the waters that drain between Lake Superior and Lake Huron.

Not too long after this spot we began the long drive along the coast of Lake Superior. We followed the shore most of the way to Thunder Bay. From there the lake arcs southwest and the highway proceeds due west so we lose sight of it after Thunder Bay.

We drove three kilometers of gravel road at Wawa to go to Magpie Scenic Falls where we stopped long enough to have lunch.

From there it was pretty much straight driving until we reached Nipigon and had dinner before doing the last 110 km to Thunder Bay.

The little lakes continue to dot across the land of Northern Ontario.

The sun was low in the sky as we approached Thunder Bay. Tomorrow will be a day like today as we are driving 702 km straight through to Winnipeg where we will spend three nights to recover from the two long driving days. Also, John has a zoom meeting he needs to attend on Thursday and I can do some laundry.

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