2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Northern Ireland – July 29 – Day 5 – Part 2)

Our first main stop on the drive up the Antrim coast was at Torr Head which was a lovely viewpoint.

There were just enough clouds and blue sky to make all the lovely greens of Ireland show beautifully. Heather grows and blooms in the most rugged places. I love the gloomy clouds on the horizon in this shot. This mule was very curious as we drove past. When we drove this coast with our friend Colin in 1986 we stopped at Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, which was traditionally a rope bridge strung across the rocks during salmon fishing season.  It became a popular jaunt for people to cross and was made ‘permanent’ for tourists to use.  Since we were there in ’86 the pathway, stairway, and bridge have been upgraded from the dirt path, rugged rocks, single slat base and plain ropes for handholds that we had used to make the crossing.   Now the access and the bridge are much more stable.

Fishermen still use the area during salmon season and the boats are brought up onto the rocks during the off-season. There is a large sign that says “No more than six people on the bridge at one time.”  This was ignored by most people.  When I was crossing a large family group just tromped onto the bridge after me. There is not much left Dunseverick Castle. Our next stop was the Giant’s Causeway, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site since our last visit.

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