2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Northern Ireland – July 29 – Day 5 – Part 1)

I was woken at 6:30 am by water pouring out of the ceiling light fixture onto my legs and the bed.  Apparently it was coming from the upstairs shower.  By the time we got things mopped up we decided to just stay up. We left at 10:30 to go north up the Antrim Coast – a very scenic drive. We remembered this section of the road.  The kids had a great time climbing on all the huge white rocks. One must marvel at the width of some of the roads. This is a main coastal road and yet it is just barely two lanes wide.  I don’t believe I would ever tire of the myriad shades of green in Ireland!  I love this country.

Northern Ireland  also  has  its  share  of  castle  and  abbey  ruins.

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