2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Northern Ireland – July 26-28 – Day 2-4)

We went to Northern Ireland after our son’s wedding to visit our good friend Colin and his family.  The majority of our time was spent doing just that.

On the 26th we lazed around our apartment and uploaded wedding photos for the folks at home to see.  On the 27th, Colin took some time off work and came to visit for a few hours.  After he left in the afternoon. we took a drive to locate his church where we would be attending service the next day.  We had been there before, but we were staying in a different part of the country from the last time, so we needed to find the route and note the driving time. The  church  hall  is  located  across  the  street  and  had  been  built  since  our  last  visit.July 28 was Sunday so we attended church, then went home with Colin’s wife while he went to his second church to do the service.  When Colin go home we all had lunch and then went to visit Cathy’s parents, after which we went to visit Coin’s parents whom we had stayed with when we came over in 1994 for Colin and Cathy’s wedding. Colin and Cathy’s little dog liked John.  Once again it was after 10 PM by the time we got back to our apartment. The next day was our only touring day.  We took a drive up the Antrim Coast.  A trip we had taken with Colin in 1986 on our first visit to Northern Ireland.  It was grand to see all the sights again.

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