2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Scotland – July 5 – Day 12 – Part 1)

The main town on the Isle of Lewis is Stornoway.  We caught the 9:35 am ferry out of Ullapool and arrived in Stornoway at 12:35. It was a short drive across the island to the Calanais (pronouced Calanish) Standing Stones; one of the most famous and best-preserved Neolithic monuments of Scotland.  The stones are a cross-shaped arrangement that is about 4,000 years old and pre-date the famous monument of Stonehenge in England.  Calanais was an important place for ritual activity for 2,000 years.  It was amazing! We spent over an hour wandering around the stones and then drove up the coast to the Dun Carloway and Doune Broch Centre to see the ancient stone roundhouse.Rough, uneven stone stairways and very narrow corridors. One is never very far from a small-holding sheep farm in northern Scotland. The sheep wander the hills and roads in the same way free-range cattle roam the forests and meadows at home.

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