2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Scotland – July 4 – Day 11)

We left the King’s Arms in Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye, drove across the bridge and up the coast and around Loch Carron to Strome Castle; where only a few outer walls remain.  The castle, due to its  strategic position on the headland between rivaling clans Mackenzie and MacDonald, passed back and forth many times over two centuries; often at the whim of whomever was a current royal favourite.  It was finally blown up in 1602 by the Mackenzies after forcing the MacDonalds to surrender, and has remained a ruin ever since.                       The castle certainly was in a lovely setting.                       Gotta love the wide and spacious Scottish roads.             Victoria Falls – not the big African ones, but still pretty.                                           This was once  a huge tree!We arrived in Inverewe at one o’clock and went to see the gardens.  I never tire of touring castles and gardens.      These little daisy-like plants all stretched toward the light.From Inverewe we continued north along the coast road with a stop at Ardessie Waterfalls.                                            Lovely, lovely countryside.

We checked out the Corriesalloch Gorge and the Falls of MeasachThe gorge is extremely narrow, sheer-sided and deep.  There was a second viewing platform further down the gorge that gave us a good view of the depth.  Ullapool is only 12 miles from Corrieshalloch Gorge and we arrived at the Caledonian Hotel at 4:30.  In the morning we  were catching the ferry to the Isle of Lewis to go see the famous Standing Stones.  These were the stones that were the inspiriation for the stone circle in the Disney animated film “Brave;” which is one of my favourite movies.

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