2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – A week in London – Day 4)

We were in Britain during the summer of 2013.  Our son was getting married in Scotland near the end of July so we flew over May 30, took a 16-day cruise of the Baltic and then spent a week in London.  On our fourth day in London we visited another of my favourite places: The British Museum.

The British Museum is located in the Bloomsbury area of London in a lovely neo-classical building that was constructed in the mid-1820’s.  It is the first national public museum in the world and is HUGE.  There are 94 galleries on five levels that contain 8 million works; many of which were collected during the years of British Colonial expansion.  There is no charge to visit the museum and you can photograph anything you wish.

   We always spend several hours wandering the various galleries.   There was a really nice exhibit of early, and extremely decorative, clocks

.One of my favourite displays is the many hordes of gold coins, jewelry, and other items that have been discovered in farmer’s fields all over the British Isles.  There would be some fascinating stories if the items could tell why they were buried and by whom. I  took photos of many of the collections but have just posted one here.

The museum has collections of just about everything.

I never cease to be amazed at the skill of sculptures to make such realistic and beautiful creations out of marble – aka rock.  Many hours later we emerged from the museum and made our way to the nearest Underground Station for our ride back to the flat.

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