2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – A week in London – Day 6 and final)

John and I are Sherlock Holmes fans.  We like the British series “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbach as well as the American “Elementary” starring Jonny Lee Miller.  We have also read all of the books, so, what better place to visit while in London than 221B Baker Street, home of the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

When Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Holmes stories Baker Street addresses did not reach as a far number 221 so it was a good, fictitious, but ‘accurate’ London address.The Sherlock Holmes Museum is situated within an 1815 townhouse very similar to the 221B described in the stories and is located between 237 and 241 Baker Street. It displays exhibits in period rooms, wax figures and Holmes memorabilia, with the famous study overlooking Baker Street the highlight of the museum. The description of the house can be found throughout the stories: 

“According to the published stories, ‘221B Baker Street’ was a suite of rooms on the first floor of a lodging house above a flight of 17 steps. The main study overlooked Baker Street, and Holmes’ bedroom was adjacent to this room at the rear of the house, with Dr. Watson‘s bedroom being on the floor above, overlooking a rear yard that had a plane tree in it.”

There were no trees in the backyard at the museum but there were lots of knick-knacks of items mention in the books, several rather morbid figures exhibiting some of the ‘crime’ scenes, and a nice big armchair where you could sit wearing a Deerstalker cap with pipe in hand.  We had fun. This board contains business cards of visitors to the museum.  They cover most parts of the world.  Sherlock Holmes is an internationally loved character.John liked this Ferrari that was parked not far from the museum.

The next day we flew to Edinburgh, picked up our rental car and drove to Kincardine to have lunch with my cousins.

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