2013 February 8-13 – Las Vegas and area (Part 4)

On our final full day in Las Vegas we again drove out of town; and went to explore Red Rock Canyon.                   This is the view from the Visitor’s Center.                   This big guy was in the Visitor’s Center.  The canyon is very popular with rock climbers and it is quite common to see helicopter rescues of people who have fallen while climbing up or clambering around on the rocks.

I put the green smudge on the rock climber in the photo on the right. You can just make him out in the photo on the left if you know where to look.

I loved all the shapes and colours in the rocks – and here, there was such a definite line between the light, almost-white, and the brick red.
            How do plants grow in solid rock? Slowly, I guess.                      Lots and lots and lots of nothing out there.The next day, February 14, we checked out of our unit – a day early -to give us time to drive to San Diego for the departure of our 14-day Hawai’ian cruise.

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