2013 February 8-13 – Las Vegas and area (Part 3)

We began our second day of walking the Las Vega Strip at the gorgeous Venetian.  We had been in Venice the previous spring and I was amazed at the number of well-known sites in Venice that had been incorporated into the hotel and grounds.  The main building is a mini-replica of the  Doge’s Palace.  The affect was spoiled somewhat with the large posters hanging down the front facade advertising a Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert but the building looked just like the palace otherwise.   Below  is the Doge’s Palace in Venice and the tower at St. Mark’s Square. Above, Rialto Bridge in Venice, below ‘Rialto Bridge’ in Las Vegas.The tower at St. Mark’s Square in Venice and the tower at the Venetian.

 In Venice, the Rialto Bridge is no where near St. Mark’s Square, but on the Vegas Strip you can condense all the elements into one beautiful complex.

Even the two towers at the canal entrance to St. Mark’s Square have been duplicated at the Venetian.

We were unable to take photos inside the Doge’s Palace but the inside of the Venetian looked just like it!

As you can tell I loved the Venetian.  It was by far my favourite resort in Vegas.The Mirage is across the street from the Venetian.  Further down the strip is Paris – my second favourite casino.  Once inside you feel like you are walking down some quaint little streets in Paris under a lovely blue sky.  At night the lighting changes so it is ‘night’ on the streets of Paris in Las Vegas.  It is pretty easy to forget you are inside a large building as you wander the cobblestone ‘streets.’

The Luxor was really neat; a massive black pyramid sitting among the palm trees.

 The Luxor was showcasing the “Bodies” exhibit.  We were very tempted to get tickets and check it out but we had tickets to go up the Eiffel Tower at Paris after dark and didn’t think we had enough time.

         The main entrance to the resort is through the Sphinx. The lovely strings of lights in The Cosmopolitan and the fountain playing at the Bellagio.

We made our way back to Paris as the sun was setting and had some gorgeous views of Vegas from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The two-day walk down both sides of the Strip completed our exploration of Las Vegas.  We don’t gamble, but we did take in two shows: Donny & Marie and Cirque de Soleil “Beatles: Love.”

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