2013 February 14-16 – Las Vegas, NV to San Diego, CA

We left Las Vegas a day before our time-share week was up because we needed some time to make our way to San Diego before our round-trip two week cruise to Hawai’i departed on February 16.

First though, we drove east into Arizona to visit Hoover Dam. Some massively large fish we could see in Lake Mead from the top of the dam.From Hoover Dam we backtracked a bit, back to Boulder City in Nevada and turned south on Highway 95 to Blythe, CA where we spent the night. Along the way we traversed a section of the famous Route 66 which made John happy. I asked John to take my photo out in the middle of the nowhere and as I walked into the desert John suddenly made the sound of a rattlesnake behind me.  I jumped about 4 feet!  He laughed of course.  I was not impressed.

Driving along the southern boundary of California we passed through the Heber Dunes State Recreational Vehicle Area.  There was rolling sand dunes on both sides of the road as far as you could see.  Many people in off-road vehicles were zipping up and down the faces of the dunes having a great time. We watched them for awhile before continuing on our way to San Diego; where we spent the night before boarding the Holland America ship MS Zaandam the next day.           There is certainly no shortage of rocks on those hills.

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