2013 February 8-13 – Las Vegas and area (Part 2)

We took a couple of days off and rested in the condo then spent two days walking the Las Vegas Strip.  We went down one side of the strip one day and the other side the next.  We checked out almost every casino/hotel/resort, and in the process wore out our poor feet. The Strip is LONG.  Caesar’s Palace is huge!  The complex covers several blocks.           What’s not to like about a diamond encrusted horse?The inner garden at the Bellagio has changing themes. When we were there  it was the Chinese Year of the Snake so the garden had lovely floral Chinese children and a Junk and a big snake with lucky coins.

New York, New York, from the outside, looks like a multi-building street.  They also have a fun-looking roller coaster than encircles the complex.  No expense is spared on these gambling, shopping, hotel, concert venues.

I was disappointed with the interior of Excalibur.  I expected it to be lavishly decorated in a knight’s theme, but, other than the main hallway entrance the rest was pretty subdued, and without much in the way of knights or princesses in towers.  I love the outside though.Excalibur was as far as we walked down the one side.  The Strip is longer still, but the large casinos stop about here.  There are more located in other areas around Vegas, but the main, well-known ones line the Strip.  The next day we walked the other side.

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