2013 February 8-13 – Las Vegas and area (Part 1)

It is only about a four hour drive from Escondido to Las Vegas, so we didn’t have to stay anywhere overnight between one place and the next.  Childhood heroes of mine.  I loved Roy Rogers and Dale Evans – and Bullet, the German Shepherd Dog, and Trigger, Roy’s gorgeous Palomino horse.The next day we drove out of the city to the old ghost town of Calico and spent a pleasant afternoon wandering around.
Calico was a mining town and several of the area’s mines are nearby. Also a section of the old railroad is still in operation on a short loop track for tourists to have a ride. The ‘beer bottle’ house is now a pet shop full of all-things-dog.After a good time being immersed in the “Old West” we headed back to Vegas and a lazy day at the condo.

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