Day 53 – July 29 – Margaree, NS to Tatamagouche, NS

We had plans to see a few things on our drive today, but they did not pan out. We woke up late (yay sleep!) so it was almost 11 by the time we left Margaree and it took quite awhile to make our way the rest of the way down Cape Breton to the mainland.

We only made a couple of stops at marshes to find a few geocaches and walk about for a break. So today’s blog will be similar to yesterday’s; photos and a few comments.

A closeup up photo of the rocks in the water. I thought they were very cool looking.

Hillcrest Hall Inn

Port Hood Provincial Park. This is a manmade marsh. The sandstone in this area was high quality, dense yet easy to shape, and therefore was quarried and shipped to the Fortress of Louisburg to be used for the window and door asings of the original fortress. That left the sandstone land bridge between Cape Breton and the mainland weakened, and mother nature did her thing.

Another nice boardwalk through marsh at Celtic Shores.

The water was so beautifully still.

We arrived back at the Canso Causeway to the mainland and got a good view of the huge quarry operation on the hillside. If you look very closely and follow the dark stripe of earth to the top you can make out the conveyor that is dropping the sand/gravel to the bottom to be loaded onto the ship.

Our drive from the causeway to our bed and breakfast took another couple of hours and we drove through dairy farms and alfalfa fields and woodlands. Before we leave in the morning we are going to visit at least one, perhaps both, of the mills we planned to see today, but were too late arriving. One is a grist mill and the other is a steam mill.

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