2019 Dec 10 – Trois Rivière, Québec to Ottawa, Ontario

This is our last driving day before we arrive back in Ottawa.  We left our hotel shortly after 9 am and headed southwest.  After about 55 km (34 miles) we exited the freeway (always a good thing) at Berthierville and got on to the much quieter Highway 158.  Well, it was supposed to be quieter, but there was quite a lot of traffic until we passed the exits into Montréal.  Then the majority of the cars veered off and we had a nice drive through more farmland and villages.  This whole river delta area is dotted with dairy farms.  As we have been driving around in New Brunswick and Québec we have spotted groves of trees crisscrossed with connecting blue lines. We have concluded this is the new method of tapping maple trees for syrup.  It is a bit hard to see because I took this photo out of John’s side of the car  as  he  drove past.Is there such a thing as too much when it comes to Christmas decorations??? At St. Lin-Laurentides we stopped to find a geocache hidden at the back of the grounds of the Sir Wilfred Laurier House.  It was closed for the season of course, but we had done the tour in 2014 on our drive across Canada so we were not disappointed. There was a geocache hidden at the Visitor’s Center so we walked over the bridge beside the waterfall and the park to find it. We were looking around the doorway of the Visitor’s Center trying to find the cache and a lady came along who worked there and had been on her lunch break. I had just said to John that I thought the cache was inside when she unlocked the door.  John said we were geocaching and she said – in French – that it was indeed inside.  She even pointed it out to us and then gave me three brochures, chatting away explaining the different things in the area even though we told her we did not speak anything more than a few words of French.  Somehow, I guess she thought we could understand it.  She was sweet.We also see quite a few of these gingerbread-style houses.  I love all the intricate railings. This house, like so many others we passed was decorated for the holidays. There was a geocache hidden at an old truck weigh scale and when I took the lid off the container I saw this encouraging message.Driving through Gatineau on our way to Ottawa we passed a few nice art pieces – and got stuck in a long line of traffic.  I don’t know if this was a normal amount of after-work rush hour vehicles or if it was more congested due to the accidents that were on the 417 freeway.

Driving into a city watching a pretty sunset is always a bit more enjoyable. I didn’t even see the biker ride into my shot as I took this photo.  It looks  kind of neat, even though it is out of focus. If you keep taking photos as you drive along, eventually you will get a good one.  I really like this shot.

We have lunch tomorrow with John’s other cousin and then, depending on weather, we hope to do a bit of touring around the Parliament Buildings area.  Our last day before we fly home again.

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