Ottawa – Nov 30 and Dec 1 – Baby Shower and Art Opening

We had a ‘free’ day on Thursday, Nov 29 because Carrie was staying with friends and spent the day visiting with them and relaxing.   We used the opportunity to drive out of Ottawa to Smiths Falls and visit John’s cousin Tom for a few hours.  Our son flew into Ottawa from Houston in the evening  and Carrie picked him up at the airport.  We didn’t see them again until the next day when they came over to our place to visit and play some cards.  Also on Friday several of Carrie’s family members arrived from North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Michigan to attend the opening of her art exhibit.  All of them were staying for the weekend in a large apartment about five minutes drive from our place.

The next day, Saturday, we went over to the apartment for a visit and in the afternoon we took Joseph and Carrie back to our studio while her sister, niece and other relatives decorated their apartment for a Jack and Jill baby shower.  Since so many of her family had come up for the art show and we were here too, they decided to host a welcome party for the upcoming little arrival. Sunday afternoon was the ‘Meet the Artists’ event at the Shenkman Art Center and the opening of Carrie’s “Anonymous Woman” art show.  The opening of the three art exhibits was from 1-3 so we went over at 12:30 to help set out all the cookies and other goodies that Carrie’s friend had decorated to showcase aspects of her paintings. There was a violin ensemble in the hallway outside the art galleries that played during the event.  Lovely, quiet carols. It was a well attended event.  Carrie received many compliments on her series, had some in-depth discussions on her theme and the various paintings.  She even had several sales, which is always wonderful for an artist!

We enjoyed one final gathering at a restaurant for dinner before heading back to our little apartment.  Everyone but us heads home to their various US residences.  We are driving to New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.  They are the only two provinces in Canada in which we have not found a geocache, so a little winter cache searching is coming up over the next ten days..

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