2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Scotland – July 22 – Day 29)

July 22 was my father’s birthday, so I found it very special that my son chose to be married on that day.  We had thoroughly enjoyed our trip since leaving home on May 31.   Now, at last, we had arrived at the day that was the reason for this incredible journey.  Our son’s wedding day!

The day dawned beautifully sunny and hot (by Scottish standards). Temperatures reached about 27° C (almost 81 °F).  We were in the midst of the most notable heat wave in the UK since 2006.  The country experienced over 250 hours of sunshine that summer, which is about 145% above average.  It was the third sunniest July since 1929.  We loved it, but the groom and his attendants were cooking in their wool jackets and vests!

The entire wedding event was organized by Lorna of OXOX Design and Events via email and Skype between Dubai and Inverness;  and there was not a hitch all day – at least there were none that any of us was aware of.  It was an awesome day and one of the most fun, and definitely the most unique wedding I have ever attended.

Everything took place at beautiful Dalhousie Castle.  In the morning the bride, her sister  Anne, who was her matron of honour, her niece Christina, who was bridesmaid, her mother Jill,  my daughter Trish, and I settled in Carrie’s room and had our hair and make-up professionally done by two talented ladies. We were even brought a light lunch!

The wedding was to take place in the castle chapel at 3 pm.  Our son and his two friends, Perry his Best Man, and Andrew his Groomsman were in Joseph’s room figuring out how to put on all the pieces of a traditional Scots dress kilt.   They  were wearing  the Black Watch  Tartan.Perry’s wife Becca took some nice photos of the fellows when they were ready. Meanwhile, in the bride’s bedroom, final preparations were being made.

 The guests gathered in a reception room and sipped a beverage until the piper arrived and escorted us to the chapel. And, finally, all was ready.   The men arrived and took their places.   (A slightly  out-of-focus  photo  taken  by  the  excited  mom.  Haha.)The bride and her attendants were piped into the chapel. And the ceremony began…The  eight  photos  below  are the under the copyright of Charné  Hawkes  of  Captivating  Photography,  Inverness,  Scotland.Bonnie, the little white owl, brought in  the wedding rings. She liked the nice tall tree branch that was Joseph’s arm and refused to fly back to the handler.  Joseph had to launch her off.  Everyone had a good laugh. The proud and happy mom and dad of the groom.And  the  bride. (Image above is copyrighted to Charné Hawkes of Captivating Photography, Inverness, Scotland)Time for photos of the bride and groom with  their families and attendants before spiriting the wedding party away for a photo shoot on the castle grounds.  (The  images  above  and  below  are  the  copyright  of  Charné  Hawkes  of  Captivating  Photography,  Inverness, Scotland) Below are a few of the gorgeous photos Charné took on her photo shoot between the wedding and reception.  (All seven images are under the copyright of Charné Hawkes of Captivating Photography, Inverness, Scotland)  She took many, many beautiful photos that day.

They had brought the umbrellas to be prepared for some Scottish mist (otherwise known as rain) but, instead, were happy to have them for some shade.


While the photos were being taken, the guests enjoyed the sunshine on the patio.When the time arrived for the reception the piper piped us all into the banquet hall – and what a lovely room it was.

The ‘cake’ was cut with the piper’s dirk.  He was ex-British military and an excellent piper.

We were piped back to the reception room when it was time for the dancing to begin. Father and daughter, mother and son.

A fun aspect of the evening was the photo booth set up in the next room.  There were lots of items to use for props to take some fun photos.  All the guests had a blast being silly.

The guys (Joseph, John and Ben) did the four poses above and then we ladies (Carrie, Janet and Trish) followed suit and mirrored their poses.
A  couple  of  Becca’s  photos  of  the  guys  fooling  around  outside.It was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day.

But, believe it or not, our traveling was not yet done!  The next day we checked out of the castle and drove south to the area of my mother’s family clan – the Young’s.

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