2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Scotland – July 12 – Day 19 – Part 1)

It is not our custom to get up at the crack of dawn and rush off.  We generally leave our hotel or B & B about 10 am and are settled or checking in to the new place between 5-6:30.  We know some people who have to fill every minute of every day on their holidays.  Frankly, the thought of that just makes me tired.  I don’t like coming home from  a holiday needing a rest.  That’s just me.  You holiday anyway you choose.  I am too lazy for a frenetic pace.  Besides, I am old and retired now.  There is no need to rush around.

And so, in our normal fashion, we left our hotel at 10 and drove northwest on Route A9 through the countryside for about a half hour before we reached Killicrankie.The pass between high mountains at Killicrankie is extremely narrow, with the Garry River running far beneath in a deep, dark, rocky channel.  This wooded gorge is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and lies within the Tummel National Scenic Area.  On July 27, 1689 there was a fierce battle between a Jacobite army led by “Bonnie Dundee,” and the government forces.  The Scottish supporters of exiled Bonnie Prince Charlie were the victors.  One soldier escaped by making a spectacular jump across the River Garry at the spot now known as Soldier’s Leap.I don’t think it is a leap I would wish to make.  That is a long way down onto an awful lot of rocks.  Well  done  Mr.  Soldier  for leaping across such a span successfully.We walked the trail down to the bottom and for a short distance under the railway.

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