2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Scotland – July 6 – Day 13)

We had a very early start to catch the 7 am ferry from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis back to the mainland terminal at Ullapool.  The northern part of Scotland is narrow with many inlets and waterways that almost separate the land into islands.  It is just under 50 miles across from Ullapool on the west to the east coast road that goes north to Golspie and Dunrobin Castle.  I had read about Dunrobin, which is really a grand house, and not a castle, and its beautiful gardens so we specifically drove the 35 miles north to go see it.  And we were not disappointed.  What a fairy tale-like place.  I loved Dunrobin!

I have always loved structured, geometric shaped gardens.  I think it is the orderliness of it all which satisfies my OCD tendencies.Dunrobin, with its pointed turrets would make a great setting for Cinderella or Rapunzel.  It was a beautiful place and the gardens were immaculately groomed.

I  really  think  they  should  pass  out  medieval  or  Victoria  gowns  to  wear  while  you  stroll  the  gardens.  I just seems  more  appropriate  for  the  surroundings.  I loved  this  place  and  would  really  like  to  go  back  some  day.Once we had completed our leisurely walk around the gardens of Dunrobin we got back in the car and drove about 50 miles south again to Inverness where we spent the night.

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