2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – A week in London – Day 2)

Whenever we are staying in London we rent a flat near Regent’s Park that belongs to the aunt of a friend of ours.  The location is great – about three blocks from Bond Street Underground Station, there are pubs, restaurants, and a grocery store within easy walks – or on the corner – and the place is quiet.

Our second day this trip we walked through Regent’s Park, which I love, and went to the London Zoo, which is located at the far opposite corner from the flat. It was mid-June and Queen Mary’s Rose Garden and all of the flower beds were in full bloom.

We had been to the London Zoo before.  The first time was in 1986 when we brought our children.  I have a great photo of them with this gorilla.We had not been through the Aquarium before though, and even though I am not a big fish fan we decided to check it out this time.

This very regal-looking cat is a Serval, an African cat common in the sub-Sahara regions.

Lions spend a lot of time sleeping.  Unless on the hunt, they are quite lazy. Now, here’s a face only a mother could love.  My mom told me she used to say, when I was a baby, “I was so homely I was cute.”  I think this little fellow falls into that category. It was a pleasant walk back through Regent’s Park and home to the flat.  The next day we toured the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum.

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