2013 March 8 – Capitol Reef National Park, Utah (Part 3)

We drove to the end of the Capitol Gorge spur road at the end of the scenic road in Capitol Reef National Park, then turned around and went back to the main road (Highway 24) intersecting the park.

As we neared the junction of the Gorge road and the scenic road we got a nice view of Eph Hanks Tower, named for a notable  mormon pioneer. The scenic road joins Highway 24 very near the Fruita Historic District.  And just down the road is a cliff of petroglyphs. The Behunin Cabin was built in 1882 and housed a family of TEN!  We passed the east boundary of Capitol Reef National Park a short distance later and continued northeastward to Highway 6 before going south on Highway 191 to the town of Moab where we spent the night. All the oranges, reds and yellows in the rock and grass and shrubs in this wash were so pretty.

Water is a very precious commodity in these regions.I think the stretch of road between Capitol Reef Park and Moab was one of my favourites of the entire trip.  The colours in the rocks were dramatically different around every corner.  From the gold below, to red, to jet black, to purple and yellow.  It was amazing! And fascinating! Snap, snap, snap, snap.  My camera shutter was going all the time.  People had a lot of fun scrambling up this steep hill of sand.  I have had fine sand in my shoes and on my clothes before, so we had no problem giving this a pass.The town of Moab is located southeast of Arches National Park.  We spent the night there and then the next day drove back up Highway 191 to the park entrance.

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