2018 July 23 – Whitehorse, YT

When we were in Whitehorse almost a month ago we were unable to tour the Yukon Legislative Building because it was closed for the Canada Day July 1 long weekend.  So that was our priority today.  We have toured every Legislative Building in Canada except Ontario; which is in Toronto and we never go there if we can help it – too big a city, and Quebec which we saw the outside of, but the line to get inside when we were there in 2014 was so long it would have been well over an hour wait. There was another picture showing all the various carvings on the mace and the symbolism as it pertains to the Yukon.  I love how the designers of these special objects put so much thought into what they are to represent.                                     I liked this funky art piece. This acrylic resin glass-panel mural is 36 meters (120′) long and is among the largest of its kind in the world.  All the panels told the story of the Yukon Territory and melded into each other as the years progressed.  It was lovely. I thought I had take photos of the descriptions for all the panels but I missed these few.  Rats. The historic log skyscraper.  All these little units are still lived in.

The other thing we did not have time to see in Whitehorse was the Old Log Church Museum.

On our way out of Whitehorse when we were here before we stopped at the Whitehorse Copper Belt museum to check it out and find an earthcache.  The museum was closed and we were unable to find all the information we needed to answer the questions required to log the cache so we decided to go up there again and find what we needed. The museum was still closed but we were able to find all the information on signs along the trails. There were two regular caches near the museum as well and we saw  that there was another one up the hill behind the museum.  When we got to the pullout and walked over to the bluff there was a great view of a river meandering through the forest far below.  Bald eagles nest in the area, and the constant caw of ravens could be heard.

This was a really cool spot that, were it not for our geocaching hobby we would never have known about nor seen. Since we had paused in the tourist stuff to do some geocaching we decided to go further up the road to McIntyre Marsh where there was an earthcache.  The trees have grown so high that most of the marsh land is obscured from view.  I walked all the way to the end of the parking area to get to an open spot for a photo. There was a trail (part of the Trans-Canada Trail system) that began at the marsh and all of these signs were posted. I guess there are several options.

What with poor internet at one of our hotels and being sick for a day I was behind three blogs so we decided to make it a day and headed back to the hotel to get some stuff done before dinner.

Tomorrow is mainly a driving day.  We take the same road back to Watson Lake that we drove up a month ago.  There were no real scenic spots or points-of-interest along the way so I don’t expect to be taking too many photos.  But, you never know what we will find.

Before I went to bed a midnight I looked out the window and there was a hint of a sunset sky.  The sun is disappearing at night more and more and the night sky is becoming quite shadowed.  It doesn’t get dark yet, but soon it will.

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