2011 March 1 – Day 55 – Queanbeyan to Eden, Australia

We woke to a beautiful sunny day so after we had breakfast and checked out of our hotel we drove back up to Mt. Ainslie to see the view we were denied the day before.  And it was definitely worth the trip, with a lovely sight line straight down the Anzac Parade route from the War Memorial to both Houses of Parliament.

We left Queanbeyan at 11:15, stopped for a picnic lunch along the way down the mountain and arrived at Batemans Bay at 1:15. The road to Canberra may only be 130 km but it is certainly not a fast road; steep and winding.  There is a direct route west out of Sydney that will take you to Canberra in about an hour, but we used the southern route inland from the coast.

From Batemans Bay we continued on our way west along the coast road and stopped at Mogo where there is a zoo for endangered animals and primates.We spent most of the afternoon there.  It was an awesome place; the animals all had large, natural enclosures, there were ropes and nets for the primates to climb, and lots of space for the critters.  Cottontop Tamarin

Golden Lion TamarinEmperor Tamarin

The Sumatran Tiger gave birth to triplet cubs in August 2010 so they were not even a year old when we saw them. Meerkat

The zoo is home to six white lions which are no longer found in the wild.                                Tapir

                                                                                                                Siamang After we left the zoo we made a brief stop at Tuross Head to see the view.Stopped also at Bega Valley Lookout and then drove directly to Eden where we planned to spend the night.  It was lovely countryside with lots of dairies and farms.  Everything was very lush and green with all the rain they had that year.  After 10 years of drought Australia was suffering with floods in many places, especially the east and north coasts  but I am sure the farmers and ranchers in the south were happy to get the rain.

We drove over 300 km that day, which is a lot further than we have driven some of our other days.  We had reservations for Cowes, Philip Island just south of Melbourne three days away and had only 500-600 km to get there so we still had some meandering time.  Which was a good thing as we like to meander, and divert, and detour.

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