2017 Aug 23 – Lawton, OK to Guyman, OK

We had a long driving day today.  We needed to drive from south central Oklahoma almost across the western panhandle.  We stopped to find a virtual geocache at the Anadarko museum and ended up going inside and looking around.  The museum was located in the former train station depot which was used for the Rock Island Line.  That is a Johnny Cash song. The museum was small, but it had some interesting things and the curator was a very friendly young lady that was happy to talk to us about the exhibits and the area history.

Those people sure had narrow feet!

I loved Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy stories when I was young.

There was quite a large collection of Indian dolls in traditional dress that had been made in the 1940’s by a local woman.  I only photographed a few of them.Choctaw, Cherokee and Seminole

Delaware man and woman                   Comanche man and woman Kiowa man and woman                                        Fort Sill Apache


These are a Kiowa dress and a Ghost Dancer dress. Both are 21st century dresses.

This letter was written by a woman who attended Abraham Lincoln’s funeral in 1865.  The original is a rolled cylinder that is too fragile to unwrap.

The red petals came from a flower from one of the arrangements at the funeral.  The letter tells how a man gave the flower to the lady that wrote the letter. Our only planned stop of the day was Red Rock Canyon State Park.  It is a lovely little canyon.  Today it is a popular camping and rappeling area.  Back in the day it was used by the Kiowa as a wintering area.  There was cover from the cold winds, plenty of game and fresh water. These look like man-made hand holds for climbing to the top. This lovely fungus was on the stump of a huge tree that was the hiding spot for a geocache.

We drove over this pretty bridge for at least a mile. There was a geocache at this nice Veteran’s Memorial in Seiling that we stopped to find. Tomorrow we complete the Oklahoma panhandle and go into New Mexico.  We will be driving on some mountain roads again.

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