2017 Aug 18 – Branson, MO

Well, I think we have covered Branson.  I have wanted to come here and see the place for years, but, like Las Vegas, for me anyway, once you have been once, you don’t have to go again.  At least I don’t.  We had a good time, probably could have gone out every night as well as every day, but I am getting too old and my feet hurt by evening.  We really enjoyed driving around the side roads and more out-of-the way places looking for geocaches.  The cave was great, the outdoor play was good, and we had a wonderful time.

The only thing we did today was find a few geocaches and, also, not find a couple of geocaches.  John climbed up this dead log to search for one but it has gone missing, as has the sister cache near the parking lot. We had stopped in Stockstill Park to look for the two caches on our way to the Historic Downtown and Branson’s Landing which is the new pedestrian shopping plaza.

The boardwalk along the river is 1.5 miles long and in the center there is an man-made ‘amphitheater’ with a band stand at the bottom and a fountain behind.  There are outdoor concerts all summer long and the $7.5 million fountain begins performing it’s water, fire and music shows at noon each day and at the top of the hour from then on.  It was a very mini version of the Dubain fountain.  When the gas-fired jets in the columns light up it is like a gun going off.  Really scared us the first time we heard it. We walked along the boardwalk to the end and then walked up to the old downtown and circled back to the truck.  It was beginning to rain as we walked the old town and it rained all the way back to the resort.  We have some tidying and packing to do so do not want to have a late night. Check-out is 10 am tomorrow. We are continuing to drive south for another couple of days, going through Arkansas and crossing the border of Louisiana before going west and making our way, over the course of the week, to Pagosa Springs, Colorado where we will spend another week before beginning the meander home.

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