2017 Aug 13 and 14 – Branson, MO

Our first day in Branson was lazy.  We relaxed and checked Facebook and replied to emails.  I went online and verified all our credit card receipts, then paid a couple of bills.  We went for a short drive at 3:30 on one of the outer circle roads.  We happened past a grocery store so went in and got all we probably need during our stay, picked up two geocaches, and went back to our unit.

August 13, Sunday

One  cache was a virtual (no log book, just photo proof you were there) at this Veteran’s Museum.  We may have to go back and see the inside while we are here. It was a totally overcast with light to moderate rain off and on all day.  After we got back from our little drive I began working on my blog and John decided to go out and give poor, dirty, bug-spattered Poppy a wash – in the rain.  His theory was that the rain would give her a good rinse.  He felt much better when he came back inside – wet, but better.  He takes very good care of my Poppy truck and does not like her to be dirty.

Aug 14  Monday

We took a drive in the afternoon to find a few geocaches.  First stop was at Table Rock Dam.  In the Visitor’s Center they had samples of each of the hides of the different animals that had been hunted and trapped in these hills over the years. Now that is one crazy lake.  Looks like a river gone wild or two-tailed Chinese dragon.

There were a couple of Monarch Butterflies enjoying the flowers in the garden. This cache was hidden in plain sight, hanging on a tree masquerading as a bird feeder.

We drove across the road from the Visitor’s Center to the entrance of Table Rock State Park and stopped at the viewpoint to see the face of the dam and the fish hatchery where they rear trout. We hiked the first loop of the Blue Trail (on the right of the map) and picked up a couple of caches hidden in the forest.



This cache was called Big Mouth: Guardian of the Realm.



At the White River Scenic Overlook we picked up a cache and enjoyed the lovely view.

And that is as exciting as our first two days have been.

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