2009 World Cruise – April 10 – Day 95 – Mombasa, Kenya

The second day in Mombasa was slightly cooler than the previous day.  We drove 90 minutes to Shimba Hills National Reserve.  Our driver, Patrick, was a Christian with a heart for mission.  He partners with an organization in Spokane to provide medical clinics, school uniforms & tuition, and sponsorship for 126  chuildren in Kenya.

We saw different scenes and scenery on our drive to the reserve than the day before, yet they are located in the same area.  We actually passed the entrance to Shimba Hills on our way to Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary the day before.

2009-04-10_3964 2009-04-10_3965 2009-04-10_3966 2009-04-10_3967 2009-04-10_3968 2009-04-10_3969 2009-04-10_3972 2009-04-10_3974 2009-04-10_3980Patrick asked the five of us in his van which animals we most wanted to see, and since he knows the park well, he did his best to find them. 2009-04-10_3982 2009-04-10_4051 2009-04-10_4024 2009-04-10_4029 2009-04-10_3988 2009-04-10_3993 2009-04-10_406420090410_4058_edited-1 2009-04-10_4036 2009-04-10_4041Shimba Hills is the only reserve in the country where one may see the rare sable and roan antelopes, one of the most handsome species of antelope.  We were fortunate to see both the black and the roan.  Loved their big pointy ears.20090410_4189 2009-04-10_4071_edited-1 20090410_4008_edited-1 20090410_4012_edited-1At our lunch stop at the hotel restaurant we enjoyed watching the fish eagles and walking the boardwalks.

2009-04-10_4095 2009-04-10_4099 2009-04-10_4108 2009-04-10_4104 2009-04-10_4079 2009-04-10_4082 2009-04-10_4084 2009-04-10_4087 2009-04-10_40932009-04-10_4089 2009-04-10_40902009-04-10_4091 2009-04-10_4101We were scheduled to be returning to the ship after lunch, but Patrick took us on a second game drive to try find the elusive giraffe – with no luck unfortunately.2009-04-10_4117 2009-04-10_4129 2009-04-10_4135 2009-04-10_4137We were due to return on board at 2:30 and we didn’t get back until 6 pm.  We had a wonderful day with new friends Hanson and Janice and her 93-year old father John; who was a real trooper and great fun.20090410_4265 2009-04-10_4140 2009-04-10_4142 2009-04-10_4148 2009-04-10_4150We had a short wait while the ferry unloaded before we could drive on and go across to the port.  It was interesting to see all the different people and their burdens getting off.2009-04-10_41622009-04-10_41532009-04-10_4156 2009-04-10_4157_edited-1 2009-04-10_4161This fellow is talking on his cell phone while he pulled that load of fuel tanks up the ramp!20090411_43542009-04-10_4163         And another group is waiting at the other side to get on.

We had a third day in Mombasa due to itinerary changes but the two tours we had done were the ones offered for the third day as well.  This gave us the opportunity to have a lazy morning, do some laundry while so many people were off the ship, write emails, and read our books.  About three o’clock we wandered down the gangway to the huge market that was set up on the pier; and even bought a few things.

2009-04-11_5666 2009-04-11_5668 2009-04-11_5669 2009-04-11_5670 The ship sailed away in the late afternoon and had four sea days before our next stop at Maputo, Mozambique.

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