2017 Jan 26 – Day 24 – Escondido, CA

We had our second sunny day in a row today and the chill was off the air as well. We ventured forth to do a bit of geocaching.

There is a residential area up on the hills south of the resort called Hidden Meadows. (They must be really well hidden meadows too because we did not see a smooth flat area all afternoon.  Plenty of gigantic boulders on hilly lots and lots of lovely, large homes.)img_6975 img_6977img_6978The road does a long loop past all the homes encircling the golf course.  There were a few caches along the route and we found them all – a total of 7.

The distant view from the top was pretty nice.  And, of course, we could see the ever busy freeway.  The traffic never, ever stops on that road.






We liked the doors on this house.





img_6980Even the rocks grow stuff after it rains.img_6982 img_6983 img_6984We found our last cache of the day at the entrance to the shopping plaza where we go to the Vons store for our groceries.  We picked up a few things we needed and headed back to the condo for dinner.

I’d say that was a very adventuresome day!

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