2017 Jan 3. – Day 1 – Home to Ephrata, WA

I am going to start another blog for this vacation.  I do not promise to post anything too exciting.  This trip is not like some of our others where we go somewhere for awhile and then go see some interesting sights afterward.  This is pretty much going to be a go somewhere, do a bit of stuff, and then drive home (albeit via a different route) trip.

We are driving down to Escondido, CA.  We have been there before and seen most of the tourist sights in the immediate area.  We may look up some more and we will definitely be doing some geo-caching as we had not taken up that hobby when were there previously.  We will be taking five days to drive down.  There are people that do this trip in three days – some people even do it in two! – but not us.  We like to leave about 10-10:30 and be in our hotel about 5-5:30.  And we do not drive the interstate.

Our stay at the Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido will last four weeks and then we will be driving homeward; via the Pacific coast route.  We have some friends from the 2009 World Cruise that we plan to visit (2 couples in the LA area and one couple that lives NE of San Francisco), as well as some American cousins on the return trip.

We left the house at 10:03 this morning in good weather and driving conditions and were blessed with bare and dry roads all the way to Ephrata, Washinton where we are spending the night.

img_5776Lake Kalamalka, between Vernon and Kelowna, was frozen over and tendrils of fog were rising off the lake.  It looked pretty cool.img_5782 img_5787 img_5783img_5800img_5814 The city of Kelowna, BC is pretty in every season.img_5826We only stopped to find three geo-caches; two in BC and one in Washington.  Other than that I was reading my book and taking the occasional photo out the window.

When I went through my pics for the day they almost seem to be all the same, but through the viewfinder, at the time, the cloud formations or the light in the sky or the colour of the water was photo-worthy.  The ones in this post are as exciting as it gets for today.

img_5852img_5869img_5883We stopped to look for a geo-cache at the view point at Chief Joseph Dam, but I guess it is not an all-weather cache as the compass said ground zero was under a big pile of snow.                       The view was nice though.

img_5884img_5886 The sun was setting as we neared Ephrata and the light made a bright slice separating snow-covered ground from cloud-filled sky.  A nice end to a nice day.img_5912

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