2016 Jan 17 – Day 7 California and Beyond

Day 7 – January 17 – Carlsbad, CA – Day 2

We slept in, lingered over our coffee after breakfast, and played/read stuff on our laptops for awhile.  I checked the visa charges (ouch!  That Cdn/US dollar exchange is a killer right now!) and paid some bills.  Then we got energetic and went for a walk around the resort to see what was what.IMG_4444

Home – Unit 2115 is the door on the right inside the alcove.

IMG_4453There is a very nice swimming pool just up the road – the water was actually warm – with a hot tub and nearby shallow pool for little ones; and a coffee shop/bar if you want a drink.  In the same area is a large gas-fed fire pit for evenings.

IMG_4446IMG_4449IMG_4447IMG_4448IMG_4451The resort has three sections – The Summits; where our unit is, Osprey and Meadows.  We climbed the stairs from Summits to Osprey then wandered down the main road past the Park Hyatt Aviara  Hotel and almost to the Residences Check-in before turning around a walking back up the hill and home for some lunch.

IMG_4452 IMG_4455 IMG_4462 IMG_4460 IMG_4461 IMG_4463

The Park Hyatt Hotel sits up on the hillside.



We met another walker on the way up and she told us about a State Park marsh down by the golf course.  A staff member told us there are over 160 species of birds that winter here so we will take a walk all the way down and check it out someday.

I also overheard one of the check-in gals telling some people about some lava caves you can walk through that are not too far from here.  I will look into that as well.  We have been to Sea World in San Diego which is only about 40 miles south of us but I would like to go to the world famous San Diego Zoo.  See, we have lots of things to do!  But not today.

Besides, I have plans for this evening.


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