2015 Jul 27 – Day 2 – At Sea

I slept like a log and checked my phone for the time when I woke up. The light visible through the narrow crack in the window shade had that ‘very early still’ look to it but my phone said it was almost 8.  There was to be an interdenominational worship service at 9 but John was still sound asleep so I thought I would go back to sleep as well.  I drifted off and woke a while later, checked the phone – 8:18.  Oh well, I may as well just get up.  I gathered up my things, shut myself in the bathroom and showered and dressed for the day.  I was just brushing my hair when John poked his head in and said, “What are you doing?”  “Well it is after 9, so I figured I would get up.”  “It is quarter to 6,” he replied.  “No, it’s not.  I checked my phone three times because it looked ‘early’ outside, but it is after 9.  Here, see for yourself.”

“My phone says its quarter to 6.”  But when he checked my phone it said it was quarter to 9.  For some reason my phone did not pick up the right time zone.  Yikes!  And now I was showered and dressed at 6 am!  John crawled back in bed, I picked up my Kindle and my puzzle book and headed for the Lido on deck 11 to find coffee.  Continental breakfast service begins at 6:30, full buffet at 7.  I worked on puzzles at a table, savouring a couple of cups of coffee, ate breakfast and went to the Showroom at Sea to wait for the church service to begin.  John came in just as it was starting; having enjoyed three more hours of sleep.  It was going to be a long day!

My phone did eventually find the correct time, but not until mid-morning. Very strange.  I have never had that happen before (and I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon).

Fog rolled in during church service so we took a lap around the promenade deck to watch the water, then found a chair and read until lunch.  Because we had calm seas all day and we had no sights of land there are no interesting photos.  I took some of the water rolling away from the ship.  John loves to watch the water whenever we sail.  He could happily stand at the rail for hours.IMG_6271

IMG_6261 IMG_6265  IMG_6272 IMG_6275After lunch we returned to the cabin and I posted yesterdays’ blog as a time trial.  I had pre-written all the text, chosen and downsized the photos and had them in a separate folder so when I went online I could just copy and paste the text, upload the photos and put them where I wanted.  It didn’t take too long so I may be able to do my blog more often than I thought.  Perhaps it helped to have people out and about on the ship and not in their cabins on their computers so the server wasn’t bogged down.  Who knows, but I was quite pleased with how quickly it went; considering how slow internet at sea can be.  Internet on a ship arrives via a direct satellite transmission from 22,000 miles away and onto a moving vessel so weather conditions and other factors can have a significant impact.

We spent today sailing about 26 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia – very slowly during the fog and then the Captain sped up a bit to make up some of the lost time..  Tomorrow is another day at sea – and our first of 9 formal nights – and Tuesday we dock in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland. We spent two nights in Cornerbrook on our cross-Canada trip last summer so we have no tour planned.  All the excursion are places we previously explored.  We plan to find some geocaches.  John downloaded locations of caches at all our ports of call onto his new palm-size GPS so anywhere we either have no excursion or the one we are taking is only a few hours long we hope to see what we can find.


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