2015 Jul 25 – Day 1 – Sailing from Boston

We got up early enough for breakfast today – $16.50 for bacon and eggs, $5 for coffee and $3 for toast = $24.50 plus tourist tax and state tax made for a $51 brekkie.

At noon we checked out of our room, walked out of the hotel to the taxi stand and got a ride to the cruise terminal.  Check-in didn’t take too long and our room was ready when we go on board.  We had booked an interior cabin on deck 5 but got upgraded to a slightly larger cabin with a window one deck down. We are only a couple of rooms away from the stern stairwell that goes right up to the dining room on deck seven.  Convenient I think.

IMG_6214 IMG_6218 IMG_6216We did a quick tour to get our bearings which is pretty easy to do since we have been on several HAL ships and the layout is pretty much the same on all of them. Then we got our Kindles and found a deck chair until the mandatory safety drill at 4:15.

After the safety drill we went to the dining room for dinner.  We were placed at a round table for eight with 2 couples from Florida (different areas – they didn’t know each other) and two ladies from Seattle.  While we were at dinner the ship sailed backwards out of its berth in Boston and then turned around and we were on our way.  We went on deck after dinner and took some photos and watched the skyline of Boston disappear.

IMG_6222 IMG_6224 IMG_6229 IMG_6232 IMG_6241 IMG_6247 IMG_6251 IMG_6256John finished his little bit of unpacking and we loaded our photos onto the computers and bought some expensive internet minutes.  I wrote this text, chose the photos I wanted to add to the blog, logged on to Word Press to upload a blog for the day and the password was not recognized.  Strange since I went through a similar rigamarole at the hotel the day before and just set up a new password. I opted to leave it alone for now and went to bed.

Thus endeth Day 1.

PS.  There may be more typos than normal or the photo placement may be skewed now and then because I am not going to spend a lot of time online tweaking my blog posts.

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