2014 Aug 25 – Day 67 – St. Anthony, NL to Roddickton, NL

There is nothing to report.

It started to rain last night and everything was still getting wet this morning.  We didn’t even go far today.   Tomorrow is a big driving day – all the way back to Rocky Harbour, about 390 km; and you don’t drive a consistent speed on these roads.  They are full of dips, potholes and just plain pits.  All of the Maritime Provinces smaller roads we have traveled have been very patched, bumpy, and in need of re-paving.

We only drove about 100 km to Roddickton.  Had it been a nice day we would have climbed the hilltop trail at Englee to see The Pinnacle, a local mountain. We did drive through Roddickton and down to Englee at the end of the road but we chose not to do any hiking in the cool drizzle.

We were able to check into our hotel early so, here it is 2 pm Newfoundland time and we are settled for the day.

We  did see a moose though, so that increases the moose count to 7 so far.

IMG_7845 IMG_7846

The only other thing of note are the gardens.  I noticed these on our way up to St. Anthony from Port aux Choix a couple of days ago.  In the middle of nowhere – no little side roads, no village, no building of any kind in any direction; miles from anywhere – there will be a vegetable garden surrounded by a wooden fence.  We have seen a couple of dozen of them.  Lots have just potatoes, but others have cabbages, carrots, onions, beets, etc. as well.  They look well maintained for the most part.  I have no idea where someone would come from to tend them.  The fence, simple as it is, must keep out the moose and caribou I guess, but it wouldn’t take much for either of those large animals to tumble them over.  I keep thinking I will ask a local person about them and I keep forgetting.

IMG_7847 IMG_7850 IMG_7853

Newfoundland, after all is called The Rock; and for good reason.  It is all rock.  Here on the northern peninsula if it isn’t rock, it is marsh or tuckamore forest.  I guess if you find some good soil along a roadside you use it to grow your veggies.

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