2014 Jul 24 – A Special Edition blog

We have been in the Province of Quebec for a week and I have noticed a few things.  One – like the folks on Hecla Island in Lake Winnipeg, the Quebec folks like to mow large areas of lawn.  Most houses in the countryside and along the Gaspè coast have 1/2 – 2 acres of lawn. Seriously; where would you find the time?

IMG_4075 IMG_4073 IMG_4068 IMG_4060 IMG_4047 IMG_3968Second – it is a Quebec pastime to sit on the front porch or veranda and watch the cars go by.  We noticed this especially on Sunday afternoon.  Almost every house we passed had one or two people sitting on the porch.  We have since taken notice of the number of houses that have one or, more often, two chairs on the deck, porch or on the ground in front of the house.  We see this every day – people sitting watching the cars go by.  I wonder if you are considered un-neighbourly if you don’t sit on your porch? What is so interesting about the cars driving past the front of your house?

IMG_4079 IMG_4062 IMG_4053 IMG_4048Three.  People in Quebec villages LOVE colors.

IMG_3619 IMG_3631 IMG_3643 IMG_3646 IMG_3696 IMG_3808

IMG_3969We have seen bright green houses, bright blue houses, even purple houses but there seem to be an inordinate number of yellow houses.

IMG_3368 (2) IMG_3806 (2) IMG_3809 (2) IMG_3849 (2) IMG_3851 (2) IMG_3853 (2)IMG_4067IMG_3925 (2) IMG_3932 (2) IMG_3933 (2) IMG_3934 (2) IMG_3941 (2) IMG_3951 (2) Since yellow is my favorite color and my house is yellow…… well, you get the idea.

Just thought I would share.

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