2014 Jul 8 – Day 19 – Blue Mountains, ON

Yesterday it was supposed to rain and we had been on the road for quite a few consecutive days so we decided to just laze about in our studio here at Blue Mountains (I have absolutely no idea why it is called Blue Mountains – plural.  There isn’t even one mountain here. The ski hills are merely located on the bank of the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment.  We were told that if you drive to the top of the ski lifts there is farm land up there.  Bizarre.) Anyway, the rain did not materialize.  In fact it was a lovely day.  But….since we had planned to stay in and be lazy that is what we did.

Today, we woke to our usual overcast sky.  We decided to go tour the Scenic Caves located here on the escarpment just a couple of kilometers up the road, since even if it rained, no worries, caves are inside.  Wrong!!  Again, Ontario is working hard to make recreational activities.   We paid $22.57 EACH to tour the caves and go over the long suspension bridge (we skipped on the zip line for now – a much too expensive addition). Just as we began our climb up the hill to the caves it began to rain.  We walked through the forest, over rocks, up stairs and through a lot of rock canyon/caverns but there was only one small cave you could actually enter.  The Scenic Caves are not caves, they are spaces among rocks open to the sky.  I will grant you that the walk would have been scenic if not for the torrential rain that blanked out the fabulous view of Collingwood and the Georgian Bay.  By the time we finished clambering through the ‘caves’ we were absolutely drenched!  I could wring water off my coat sleeves and every layer of clothes I had on was soaked.  The only dry parts were my feet thanks to the waterproof  hiking boots I got from Suzanne.  IMG_2507 IMG_2504

Note the snow in the bottom.

This is the Ice Cave #2.  Ice Cave #1 is the only actual cave you could enter.  And it only had room for two people at a time.


Can you see the kids?IMG_2519

At bit of rain on the lens.IMG_2522            IMG_2525This is Fat Man’s Misery.  A pass-through in the rocks with a 14″ space at the end.  Thank goodness for all that confined space training with the fire department.   IMG_2526We got a rain check for the suspension bridge.  Hopefully it will be nice tomorrow.  We walked up to the village for dinner tonight and the skies opened while we were eating and again when we were walking back to the condo.  Thank goodness John had grabbed the umbrellas before we left or else we would have to put all our clothes in the dryer again.  And I had just done all the washing yesterday…

This the view from our balcony tonight.  A bit different from yesterday.


One thought on “2014 Jul 8 – Day 19 – Blue Mountains, ON”

  1. Mom always talked about the wonderful Georgian bay I hope you get some nice weather to enjoy it. We are expecting 37 C by Saturday.


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