2014 Jul 7 – Day 18 – Blue Mountains Ski Resort

We took a few pictures around the resort so I thought I would post a blog today despite saying yesterday that I probably wouldn’t. The photos in today’s blog are all the same as on Flickr.  Usually there are more photos on Flickr than the blog but today I just put them all on both sites.

We did nothing.  Well, almost nothing.  We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in the apartment, did the laundry, planned our dates and hotels in Ottawa and Quebec, and went for a walk after dinner, over to and all around the village.  I also finished reading my book.

This is our ‘home’ until Friday: Studio Unit 216.

IMG_2436 IMG_2437 IMG_2438 IMG_2440The Intrawest Unit’s Common room and Breakfast room.

IMG_2497 IMG_2501

IMG_2495Blue Mountains Resort is set up like Whistler with nice themed buildings containing shops and restaurants surrounded by apartments and condos.  Blue Mountains, also like Whistler, obviously has worked hard to attract summer visitors – and there are lots of them here.

IMG_2459 IMG_2469 IMG_2474 IMG_2477 IMG_2478You can rent canoes and paddle boats to sail in the big pond (which is an ice rink in winter), climb a climbing wall, play mini-golf on a course that rises up the hillside, choose between two climbing courses – one high and one low, or take a ‘bobsled’ ride.  There is an open bandstand in the town square with live music and they host quite a few events  summer and winter.


The paddle pond


The mini-golf course IMG_2466

The low climbing course

It was a beautiful evening for a walk around the village.  The lighting and reflections were gorgeous.

IMG_2468 IMG_2470 IMG_2472



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