2014 Jul 3 – Day 14 – Sault St. Marie, ON to Little Current, Manitoulin Island, ON

We woke this morning to sunshine and white fluffy clouds.  Yea.  Before we left The Soo I wanted to check out the historic Sault St. Marie Lock.  It was completed in 1895 and was, at the time, the longest lock in the world.  It was the first to use electrical power and to have a swing gate that would slow water flow in the event of an accident in the lock (which did happen one time).  This lock completed an all-Canadian route from the Atlantic via the St. Lawrence River all the way to Lake Superior.  We spent a couple of hours there before heading out on the highway again.

IMG_2242 IMG_2250 IMG_2251

The Inter-national  Bridge to Sault St. Marie, Michigan

Long stretches of road with little traffic     –   Check

Mixed forest on both sides                                 –  Check

IMG_2263Occasional ponds or small lakes                     –  Check

IMG_2268 IMG_2272No Hills or low mountains                                   –  Check

Infrequent walls of rocks on either side    –   Check

IMG_2274Some patches of wild flowers                           –  Check

Boring                                                                             –  Check

I’m sorry but this is getting monotonous.  Ontario needs some landscape variety.  We have been driving through the same scenery since we left Manitoba.  I suspect that is all there is….except a lot of cities and towns which is what we are heading into shortly.  We will try bypass as many as we can.  Winding back roads – even if they are boring – work better for me.

Our destination today was Little Current, the first town across the bridge onto Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron.  John wanted to go there because he remembered the name from a bumper sticker on someone’s car when he was young.  (How, or better yet, why would anyone remember such a thing???)

Little Current is a nice town.  It has a really long boardwalk along the shore and is a haven for pleasure boats. There were some REALLY nice boats docked.  We chatted for quite awhile with a fellow who had sailed over here with a friend.  Fun guy.  Then we walked up the main street to a restaurant for a really good dinner.

IMG_2278 IMG_2282 IMG_2283Not exactly an exciting day, but nevertheless a good one.  Although by the time we drove out of The Soo at noon our familiar black cloud hovered overhead for the rest of the day.  Sheesh.   Enough already.  We live in hope for a better tomorrow.  We’ll be heading around Georgian Bay to Parry Sound.

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