Day 77 – August 22 – Winkler/Morden, MB

We spent most of the day in Morden, which is only 14 km west of Winkler. There was another geocache trail on power poles just west of Morden that we decided to find. There were 25 caches in total and we found them all except one.

At home we often have to do some bushwhacking to get to a cache, but here it was grasswhacking. We really appreciated the roadside sections that were mowed. They had so much rain here this spring that everything has had a good growth year. I almost stepped on a frog at one cache location.

After we completed our trail we went to find a cache hidden in a metal sculpture made by a retired farmer that he called the Covid Warrior.

One more of the things we put under the category of “We would never have seen this except for geocaching.” It is 11 feet tall. Very nicely done.

There was a geocache and a virtual cache overlooking the dam on Lake Minnewasta. And this sign.

Across the lake is a lovely sandy public beach and campground managed by the City of Morden.

This is an awesome, and obviously very popular, water playground. The kids were having a blast.

We had lunch on a shaded picnic table and watched the kids play for awhile then drove back into Morden and headed for the Thresherman’s Museum, which is located halfway between Morden and Winkler.

This is a lifesize model of a Xiphactinus; a ferocious marine predator. Fossil remains of several of them have been found in the Morden area. They have a Fossil Discovery Center that displays them and many other fossils. Most of Manitoba was once covered by gigantic Lake Agassiz that was created by the melting prehistoric Laurentian Ice Flow.

I like the steps that you can climb and stick your head inside the creatures mouth.

The Thresherman’s Museum was a collection of buildings, some replicas, some heritage. All were open to walk around in and furnished or equipped with early settler to mid-1950s items.

The sod house was half buried. You went down four or five steps to enter. This would have greatly helped retain heat during the cold winter storms.

There were five or six big sheds with farm equipment and other items in them.

The sun did a real number on the red paint of this old aerial fire truck.

This steam tractor looks a lot like Thomas the Train.

A doctor’s buggy from the 1920s and 1930s.

John and I both liked the collection of farm equipment seats.

We had two fun days of geocaching. We found 38 caches yesterday and 28 today. We leave Winkler tomorrow and head west on Highway 3 as far as Boissevain. It isn’t very far away, only a couple of hours, but I am sure we can manage to take all day to get there.

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