Day 61 – August 6 – Montreal, QC to Smiths Falls, ON

Today’s blog is really short. We only stopped twice during the five hour drive from Montreal. Thankfully the freeway section out of the city was late enough in the morning that traffic was light. After we left the freeway we drove through farming country and a few villages. That was it.

There is a nano geocache hidden somewhere on this Bofor 40 mm anti-aircraft autocannon that is stationed at a Royal Candian Legion near Finch, Ontario. A nano cache is about the size of my index fingernail. We were warned it was very difficult to find and it was very hot today so we only searched for a half hour before moving on.

Our only other stop was not far from Smiths Falls at Burritt’s Rapids, one of the locks on the Rideau Canal water system. This lock is small and the gates are opened and closed by handcranks.

If you look closely at the map you can see 24 white V-shapes that denote all the locks between Ottawa and the St. Lawrence River.

Just in case you don’t remember how a lock works here is a good explanatory drawing.

We arrived in Smiths Falls at four; just in time for our weekly video chat with our son and his family in Texas, then we went out for dinner before settling in for the night.

We are staying here two nights. John had a cousin that lived in Smiths Falls and he owned a cabin on Ottey Lake about 20 minutes away. His daughter has a cabin there as well and tomorrow we are going to spend the afternoon with her and have dinner. So, if there is a blog tomorrow, it too may be a short one.

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