Day 16 – June 22 – Saskatoon, SK to Prince Albert, SK

Today ended up being somewhat different than we had planned. We were going to check out of our hotel, go to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, which was just down the street, then go to the University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon Campus to tour the Diefenbaker Canada Center which we had been told housed plans and drawings of the Canadian Avro Arrow airplane project, and then head an hour and a half north to Prince Albert and perhaps do some geocaching for the rest of the day.

But, we did not leave Saskatoon until after 4 PM, so arrived in Prince Albert at 6 which was time to check in and find dinner. Two things changed our plans and gave us instead an awesome visiting day. First was a message first thing this morning from a dear friend of ours saying that their son, who is going to the university here to become a vet, was still in Saskatoon working on a project with bison and we could probably arrange to see him after work at 2 PM. We have known Nolan his entire life so were quite happy to arrange to see him. We were sure we could amuse ourselves until he finished work today.

We continued with our original plan after breakfast and went to the Ukrainian Museum. There were three rooms. The first was full of historical maps of the Ukraine dating back to the mid-1600’s.

The second room featured twelve paintings of the life of early Ukrainian settlers to Canada that were commission from the artist William Kurelek by the Ukrainian Women’s League of Canada. I did not photograph any of them as they are original artwork and I am sure would be under copyright.

The third, and largest room, displayed gorgeous clothing, woodwork, carpets, Easter eggs (Pysanka) and other items made by some of the local or pioneer Ukrainian people. There were also a series of cards that told the immigrant story. I am only inserting the seven that tell the basics of the story for all the new immigants that came to Canada between 1892 and 1914.

A close up of the tiny embroidery stitches. Girls were taught to embroider from a young age.

Incredibly detailed embroidery on this priest’s robe.

And on this headpiece.

The second thing that changed our plans was John saying he wanted to stop at the Presbyterian Church and see if the minister was in today. Roberto had been a summer student for us one year while going through seminary and then had accepted the call to St. Andrew’s in Saskatoon. And, yes he was in. He had a short meeting to finish so we went across the street and sat in the park until he was done.

The Vimy Memorial to commemorate the Canadian servicemen who fought at Vimy Ridge in WWI.

When Roberto finished his meeting we went for a long lunch and caught up on each other’s news. By the time we were done it was almost 2 o’clock and we were expecting a message from Nolan about when and where to meet him. We went over to the campus and found the Diefenbaker Center which had good information on his political career and accomplishments as Canada’s 13th Prime Minister but nothing on the Avro Arrow that we had been told was there.

John Diefenbaker and his second wife Edna who are both buried not far from the Center on the University grounds. Diefenbaker was born in Saskatchewan and received his law degree from U of SK

He set up the Diefenbaker Canada Center himself and bequeathed all of his souvenirs, letters, and journals to the University. This is a replica (or could be the original furnishings) from his office as Canada’s Prime Minister.

His Cabinet Room.

Just as we were leaving the center we recieved a text to meet Nolan at the Veterinary Medical building at 3. Perfect timing. That gave us 10 minutes to find it.

We had a nice chat as he took us on a walking tour of the area of the campus he frequented. Beautiful white stone and blond brick buildings.

Tje Veterinary Medical Building.

The Administration Building. The cornerstone was laid by Sir Wilfred Laurier, Canada’s Prime Minister from 1896-1911.

So all the unexpected, and wonderful visiting made for a lovely Plan B. We left Nolan at 4 and headed to Prince Albert for the night.

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