2019 July Journey – Vancouver Island section 2 – Day 15

We puttered around Port McNeill for the morning; wandering along the harbourfront and checking out the boats before going to find a few geocaches. There is a cache hidden at the World’s Largest Burl.  Apparently there is another large one in town that this one from 2005 outweighed so it was relegated to second place.  We didn’t find where it was located though.  This big one was at the ball park. John was checking all the crevices in the post for the cache.We were looking for a cache at the end of one of the wharfs and a heliopter came overhead with a long cable hanging.  It landed in the lot just across the way and loaded up three barrels before flying off again.

We ventured out onto some of the logging roads in search of geocaches.  We had found one we were looking for and we just got back in the truck getting ready to move to the next one when a big bald eagle flew right towards us.  I think it has bird in its talons, but it is hard to say at I took the shot very quickly through the windshield.Literally one minutes drive down the road brought us along side three young deer feeding on the roadside. They were amazingly unsurprised by us. We left Port McNeill and headed toward Port Hardy, which is only about 50 km further up the road.  We pulled into the rest stop/picnic site at Misty Lake to find a cache and a family was at the picnic table very near the location of the cache. We walked down to the lake and took a couple of photos, then used the facilities and when we came out they were driving away so we were able to make the find.There is a series of geocaches called Headless.  I don’t know how many there are but we found #4 and #2. There were two caches hidden along the road by Storey Beach, but we couldn’t find either of them.  Yuck! We arrived in Port Hardy about 4 and took a drive around to get the lie of the land, so to speak.  We drove into First Nation village and I got a couple of shots of their meeting house and one of the totems. After that it was off to find our accomodation for the next two nights and get our bags into the cabin before going out to find some dinner.  We will be puttering around Port Hardy tomorrow and then taking the ferry north to Prince Rupert on Thursday.  It is supposed to rain both Thursday and Friday, so I really hope the weatherman is wrong and we have good weather for the sailing.  But…it is the northwest coast and it is a very wet climate zone so we have been doing really well on the weather front since we got here.

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