2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Scotland – July 15 – Day 22 – Part 3)

St. Andrew’s Castle sits on a headland to the north of the town.  It was the main residence of the bishops and archbishops of St. Andrew’s – the focal point of the church in medieval Scotland.  Cardinal Beaton was murdered here in 1546. The ruins of the Cathedral are not far up the road from the castle.
You can climb to the top of the tower.  The entrance is very narrow and opens immediately to a tight spiral staircase to the top.  When we came back down a family was arriving and a couple of the kids came in before I had a chance to get out.  It was a bit of a tight dance on the steps to get past each other.  The views from the top were spectacular.

We left lovely St. Andrew’s at 3:30 and drove to Edinburgh.  We had rented an apartment at the Edinburgh City Pads for the few days before we moved to castle where the wedding would take place.

Once we had located our lodging and checked in we took a short walk around the area before finding some dinner and getting settled.  We had arrived in Edinburgh a couple of days before we had to meet our son’s and daughter’s flights from Dubai and British Columbia.  We wanted to have  bit of time to explore the city before the wedding festivities began.

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