2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Scotland – July 11 – Day 18 – Part 1)

We left our hotel in Blairgowrie at 10 am  and arrived in the town of Kirriemuir half an hour later.  The first thing we saw as we drove into town was a lovely little statue of Peter Pan.Sir James M. Barrie was born here in 1860, one of ten children.  The small house is a museum and the property next door holds an exhibition about Barrie’s life and literary and theatrical works – including an original manuscript of Peter Pan with Barrie’s own notations.  The wash house across the street from his home was his first theater, and his early life with all his brothers and sisters inspired the characters and story lines in his work.Across the lane there is a lovely little garden with another statue of Peter Pan. After Barrie was honoured with the ‘Freedom of the Town’ in 1930 he gifted Kirriemuir with a Camera Obscura.  These fascinating devices give a rotating bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape on a tabletop surface within the building. There are only three of them left in Scotland and not very many in other parts of the world either.  Unfortunately, it is one of those things you can’t really take photos of but if you ever get the chance to visit one, I encourage you to do so.

Before we left Kirriemuir we drove to the cemetery where Barrie,  his wife, and several of their children are buried.

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