2013 Summer (Baltic and Britain – Scotland – July 9 – Day 16 – Part 2)

The morning of July 9, 2013 was spent at Castle Fraser and then we stopped at the Cullerlie Stone Circle.  It was almost 3:30 by the time we arrived at Drum Castle, which is famous for its gardens, specifically the rose gardens.  I have a sister who loves roses and has hundreds of them in her garden so I felt, for her, I should check it out.  I love flowers.  I love to look at flowers, and smell fragrant flowers, and photograph flowers, but  I don’t garden.  I have had a few roses in my yard over the years but they have all died and I have never severely mourned their loss as roses actually require care when in your garden.  I prefer to keep my garden work to the absolutely lowest amount of time I can get away with. Renovations are underway.  With so many old buildings in the British Isles there is always ongoing work to keep things from tumbling to ruin.

I don’t envy the people that have to keep all these hedges so neatly trimmed.There were several rose gardens, divided by the century in which they were created and popular. These information  placards  were  everywhere  in  the  garden. Drum Castle gardens are truly lovely. You could spend days taking photos there.  There are so many beautiful features and plantings.

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