2013 March 9 – Arches National Park, Utah (Part 3)

The Sand Dune Arch trail is about 1.6 km (1 mile) from the end of the road through the central middle of Arches National Park in southern Utah.

The end of the road is a small turn-around loop with a parking area for those who want to walk the Devils Garden Trail – which, of course, we did, despite the rain.

Nearer to the end of the trail, off a little spur trail,  is the amazing Landscape Arch.It seems there is no stopping  a tree that wants to grow.As we walked the path back from Landscape Arch, the rain stopped and the sun began to show through the clouds.  The drive from the end of the road back to the park entrance was quite pretty once the sun came out.  All the colours become more vibrant and distinct. Even Balanced Rock was more striking with the blue sky behind rather than the grey clouds.

The view before you start descending down to the Visitor’s Center.The Visitor’s Center at the park entrance.   The road into the park is along the ridge behind. And, back we go, past the big sand hill again.  Up Highway 191 a short distance, and on the other side of the road from Arches, is Canyonlands.  There is only one short road for vehicle access and it wasn’t too late in the day so we decided to go and see what we could before we had to head north to our hotel for the night.

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