2013 March 3-5 – San Diego to Grand Canyon

When we returned to San Diego after our cool and wet cruise to the Hawai’ian Islands we headed up the old coast road through all the little oceanfront towns, one blending into the next, and spent the night with our friends in LA that we were unable to visit on our way south.  The next day we drove across California to Kingman, Arizona. Then we headed east via a section of Route 66 through Seligman. We arrived at the Grand Canyon in plenty of time to spend most of the day seeing the sights.  We entered through the South Entrance Station, parked at the Visitor’s Center, and walked over to Mather Point. Yavapai Point was further down the same trail so we wandered over. It is quite amazing how different the canyon and the rock formations look from one spot to another.  I kept thinking, during the day; enough photos already, but I still never quit.  I guess I was just warming up for the parks in southern Utah.  This little guy was obviously used to people being close by.  We went back to the car and drove to the end of the road past the Village and then walked the canyon rim trail to the end at Hermit’s Rest.For the crazy and intrepid, there is a trail to the bottom of the canyon.  The sun was getting low by the time we reached Pima Point.One of many sets of white water on the Colorado River.We met a lovely tawny Great Dane at Pima Point.  He was a cuddler.

At Hermit’s Rest there is a small hut that, in the summer, hosts a snack bar. There is a shuttle bus, the only vehicle allowed on the Rim Trail, that will take you back to the parking lot.  We were happy to hop aboard.  We picked up the car, drove to our hotel and settled in for the night.

John, for some reason, felt the need to do an ‘infinity shot’ in the hotel bathroom….

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