2018 July 31 – Terrace to Houston, BC

We got a few groceries before leaving Terrace so we weren’t on the road until almost 11.  The air was quite smokey from the forest fires further south so I wore my mask all day.  We didn’t have too far to drive, but we had a few places to stop along the way.                                                             Hagwilget Canyon.

We drove into Old Hazelton to find a couple of geocaches hidden in town and to visit the ‘Ksan Historical Village.  We had a great wander around.  The buildings were only open for guided tours but we were happy to see the outsides only.  They had a really nice gift shop with some lovely things.  I am not a big First Nations art fan, don’t dislike it, just don’t really care to own any, but they had some lovely things in the the shop – at reasonable prices too. We had lunch in the parking lot of the village and then drove into the town.  Old Hazelton has restored many of their Pioneer buildings and have a nice walking tour brochure that will explain the original use of them.  We didn’t take the time today to do the walk, but if we come up here again, I will definitely take the walk around.  I hate to admit this because I like the heat, but today was just too hot to stroll around on concrete sidewalks.              This old sternwheeler is the city council chambers. You drive across the Hagwilget Bridge to get into Old Hazelton.  It is one of the highest suspension bridges in North America at 262′ above the river.  To get a good photo of the canyon I would have had to walk back across the bridge and there was a bit of traffic behind us so it was hard for John to stop.  They had a faded sign telling about the four bridges that have spanned the canyon over the years.  I tried to enhance them as best I could. The New Hazelton Visitor’s Center had three really neat sculptures. At last we were back on the highway and heading southeast toward Houston, our destination for the night.  But, before we had gone too far we spied a fishing operation going on at the canyon in Moricetown.  So, of course, we had to pull over and watch. This fellow was using a very long-handled dipnet to try get some fish.We drove around to the other side of the river for a closer up look at the gorge.                             One side of the bridge, and the other. The owners of this house wanted a good view of the gorge I guess, so they built their own tower.

After we left the canyon we drove to Houston with only a couple of stops to get geocaches.  We arrived at 5:30, just in time for a good dinner before the thunder and lightning started.  I has been accompanied by a light rain, but I don’t know how effective it will be if there are any lightning strikes in the bush.  Hopefully no new fires well start.

Tomorrow we drive to Fort St. James to tour the historical fur-trading center.

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