2018 July 29 – Prince Rupert, BC

We had a great day in Prince Rupert.  This small city is right on the Pacific West Coast and is a major container port as it is the shortest distance between North America and Asia.  It is usually very rainy and cloudy here, but we were blessed with two beautiful days of sunshine.

We took it easy this morning and didn’t leave the hotel until almost 11.  We decided to do some geocaching today.  There are quite a few caches hidden along the highway coming into Prince Rupert but only eight caches near to, or in the city; one of which I found when I was here in January.  John found it first today and then we found all the rest as well, which took us on a nice tour of Rupert and environs.

There was a three-part multi-cache that took you to several of the totem poles around town.  One was located near the court house and behind the court house there is a lovely sunken garden that was maintained by a city employee until he died in 1984.  Volunteers have taken care of it every since. There is a large First Nations population in Prince Rupert and as we were walking to the back of the courthouse to see the sunken garden we checked out a building that is used for a meeting room.  There we more totems and this neat rock carving. We found all the totems for the multi-cache and when we went to sign the log we discovered it was a brand new cache that had only been published yesterday – so we got First to Find!  Sweet. There are totems all over the place around here.  And lovely murals; many of which I took photos of in January.

The last three caches we found were on an old road that edges the golf course near the fish hatchery.  We had to do some scrambling in the West Coast woods to find the last one. We were back in our hotel room at 3:30.  I had some bills to pay and the Visa account to check.  Nice to not have those US conversion rates showing up any more since we are back in Canada!  That was painful.

Tomorrow we drive back to Terrace with a detour up to Nisga’a Memorial Lava Beds Park.

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